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My First Ever Charm

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I have just added a Nuvo rocket charm to the website and it got me thinking. That was the first ever charm I bought myself. 

There was the silver bracelet that had been given to me at my christening, pictured below, with a few charms added from my sister and aunt, but I had never purchased any myself. 

I was working at Natwest Bank and there was an antique jewellers across the road. I had popped in for something for my sister's birthday. They had one of those rotating displays full of silver charms. I spotted the rocket straight away and just had to have it, I don't know why, I'm not a sci-fi fan but I loved the way it opened to show the astronaut and I adored the shape of it. I think that was the moment I fell in love with vintage charms. It must have been about 1994/95.

It took me a few years to leave Natwest and set up in business but finally, in 2002, I started trading in charms. I suppose you could say that the rest is history, 6 years of eBay and now 8 years for the website, but I have that little rocket charm to thank for starting it all off. If you look in the picture below, at about 9 o'clock, you will spot it, the exact one I bought all those years ago, still in my collection today.


Feel free to share your stories and collections either on here or facebook. I would love to hear them.

Best wishes,

Sandy xx 


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  • Bobbie Hartsfield on

    Love all your postings. They are beautiful. I was thinking of that little clown you posted. He was enamel and was holding out his pants. Have you ever found another one. He was so wonderful. If you ever do let me know. Thanks, Bobbie ps I just love your charm shop. I hope you are having fun doing this. :)

  • V on

    Oh my, your bracelet is a charm store in itself! I could admire that for hours ❤

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