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Anyone for Eggs?

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For those of you who follow me on Social Media you will have seen pictures showing some of my personal collection. I promised some further close up pictures and have decided to begin with eggs.

Three Edwardian Silver & Guilloche Enamel Eggs

Eggs have traditionally been given for fertility and new beginnings. They represent new life and bring a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness. I always think of spring when I think of eggs, the hope of nice weather and baby birds. What isn’t there to love about them?

Antique Eggs in Various Natural Materials

The materials they are made of can have a significance too, this is particularly true of natural stone like those pictured above. For example, Jade is good for balancing energy and bringing harmony whilst sardonyx increases self confidence, brings strength and willpower. I personally love rock crystal as I have always found it to be very calming.

A Reverse Carved Essex Crystal Parrot & A Gold Russian Diamond Set Egg

Fun Opening Eggs with Chicks Inside and a “A Good Egg”

Charms don’t always have to have deep hidden meanings. An Easter egg charm given instead of a chocolate egg (or as well as one!) as an everlasting memory or a “Good Egg” charm given as a gift from a friend (you know who you are), all help to make up the wonderful story that is a charm collection.

Egg charms should have somewhere lovely to nestle when not being worn. How amazing are these egg shaped jewellery boxes!

Text and images copyright Sandy’s Vintage Charms 2020

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  • Patti on

    You have gorgeous charms. I have been purchasing from you for years and have a silver charm bracelet and necklace made up of my purchases from you. Now I’m looking for gold charms and am happy to have found you again.

  • Christine on

    What a wonderful blog post! So beautiful and so much thought pit into it. Thank you so much. I think I’m going to look for a sardonyx charm. Thank you.

  • Sandy W too on

    I enjoyed your first blog post, Sandy. Your eggs are beautiful. ❤️

  • Joanna Osborne on

    I love this blog post. Sandy can you message me? I have a whole nest of those celluloid egg ring boxes you might like to see. I collect them xx I love eggs.

  • Margaret on

    These are really beautiful. Not seen anything like them. Thanks for sharing!

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