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About Me

Hi I'm Sandy and I run Sandy's Vintage Charms.

I left an 11 year career at Natwest Bank to start my own antiques business back in 1997. It was the best decision I ever made.

I originally sold books, postcards, teddy bears, children's toys, ladies accessories and anything else I liked that I saw a profit in. When the Internet started taking off I was fascinated. I loved chatting to people all around the world and was a regular on forums in America, Canada and Australia. I would swap things that I could buy easily in the UK with items from overseas. I especially loved European & American ephemera. It was a very easy progression to eBay but large bulky stock was too time consuming to package and post .... I needed something smaller.
I had listed a couple of little charms on eBay and was surprised how much they had sold for. Charms weren't popular in the UK, you struggled to give them away, this would have been about 2002. Some quick investigations revealed a thriving charm market in the US and they especially loved the English charms. I read everything I could find and emailed a few of my recent buyers and off I went. Many mistakes were made and many lessons were learned but within a couple of years Sandy's Vintage Charms was launched on eBay. In 2008 I launched the website and finally left eBay for good in 2009. The website was upgraded in 2016 and I am phenomenally proud of it. 
I have the most wonderful time travelling the country, and the world at times, looking for these little treasures. Even after all of this time I still come across charms that I have never seen before and they continue to delight and amaze me. I have met some wonderful people, many who have become friends, and others who are 'virtual friends' but no less friends because of it. I am so lucky to have a job that I love and one that allows me so much freedom and creativity.
So what about me? I am in my early fifties and married to Alan, another workaholic jewellery freak, but thankfully one that shares my loves and passions. We both adore good food and eat out way too much. We also love the theatre and to travel. Oh my goodness, if we didn’t have to work we would just spend our time travelling the world together!

Something only my close friends and family know, I'm a chronic migraine sufferer. It does interfere in life way too often so being self employed is perfect as I can take time off when I need, frustrating but better than ringing up a boss every few days. I rage against it, get angry, get upset, refuse to let it beat me but sometimes just have to head to bed for a day and cancel my plans. Even after 20 years it is hard to give in. I haven't met a migraine sufferer who is any different, we all seem to battle on regardless. High five to all of you out there!
So that's a little bit about me and how I got here. Welcome to my website, I hope you find what you are looking for but if not please feel free to get in touch.
Best wishes,