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Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet 24 Day Advent Calendar - A Charm Every Day


This is the ultimate charm lovers Advent Calendar. Each day you receive a vintage silver charm and on day 24 you get a silver padlock bracelet.

The bracelet will have a wearable length of at least 7.5 inches and will date from the 1960’s-1980’s. All of the charms will be vintage silver with at least one being antique and another being enamel. You cannot pick the charms that will be included, they will be a surprise to you, though you can specify a few things. For example you can ask for either a dog or a cat (or perhaps both) and you can let me know your zodiac sign. Please fill out the note section during checkout. The rest of the charms will be a random selection that will be guaranteed to include a couple of Nuvo charms, one enamel charm, an antique coin and at least two opening charms. Each will come wrapped in a bag with a number on it. You will also receive some cord and 24 wooden pegs so you can hang up your jewellery advent calendar. Pictured are just a few examples of some of the charms you might receive but please be aware you may not receive any that are pictured as each calendar will be unique. Please note I only have 10 of these advent calendars available.  

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