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Victorian Silver & Silver Plated Albertina Bracelet with Decorative Heart Ends, Dog Clip Fastener & Tassel


An antique Victorian c1890 silver and silver plated albertina watch chain that can be worn as a bracelet, with lovely puffy heart decorative ends, a hanging heart charm, a dog clip fastener and a tassel.

The bracelet has a wearable length of 8.25 inches and the hanging heart charm measures 15mm (5/8ths of an inch) by 13mm (1/2 an inch) excluding the suspension bale. Parts of the bracelet are solid sterling silver but other parts are either silver plated or low grade silver. The dog clip and the tassel test as sterling silver but the five chains test as only plated. All of the hearts test as very low grade silver. The clip fastens securely and overall it is in lovely condition with just some surface scratches to the hearts (which look much worse in the pictures than they are in reality). Total weight of 29 grammes.

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