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Large Antique c1910-1915 Silver Love Token Coin Necklace Charm Hanger 21 Engraved Coins


An antique silver threepence coin necklace charm hanger made from 21 various coins, some Victorian, Edwardian and George V, and all individually engraved with names which include; Percy, Alec, Reg, Annie, Kathleen, Winifred, Edith, Gwen, Leslie, Harold, Edith Phoebe, Irene, Nellie, Evelyn, Elsie, Frank Rowland Fowler, Willie, Edgar, Bertie, Freddie and the last coin with the initials 'WC'. A superb, and exceptionally rare, piece.

Each coin measures 16mm (5/8ths of an inch) in diameter excluding any suspension bales. The whole piece measures 11 inches in length and weighs 29.9 grammes. The fully working dog clip is marked 'SS' for sterling silver and the chain tests as silver. There is some surface wear and the whole piece is very tarnished but generally it is in very good condition. I have never seen anything quite like this before and I wonder if it is some kind of family tree. Such a shame there is no history with it.   

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